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NOVALLIANCE vous présente sa nouvelle plaquette destinée à ses clients internationaux. Cliquez ici pour la télécharger 12/02/2015 NOVALLIANCE vous souhaite une Bonne Année 2015 – Cliquez sur le lien : 06/01/2015 Lu dans la Presse… Novalliance Expertise comptable et son partenaire SOGEDEV permettent à leur client d’obtenir des aides pour acquérir l’immobilier d’entreprise. Témoignage de PROQUAI INDUSTRIE. 15/12/2014 ARTICLE PROQUAI INDUSTRIE   …

Keep the focus on your core business – Create and expand your business, your expert informs and advices you on the best strategies available

NOVALLIANCE EXPERTISE COMPTABLE Firm is registered with chartered accountants board of Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Corse Region.

The small size of our firm means an individualized attention for our customers. Our technical and multidisciplinary skills enable us to carry out our work in accordance
with professional standards and to respect accountant, tax and labour laws in order to make sure our clients are in line with their obligations, whilst also taking
advantage too of favourable measures.

Our first aim is to see client’s projects come into existence and to help them experience development which meets their ambition. With this in mind, we help them to
secure their tax and social obligations and we make every effort to manage them day to day, proposing in particular advice and management tools.

We work with a partner network in accordance with our client’s needs and likely to increase and secure their activity and themselves.

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